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Why does our institution’s usage reports show hits on titles that we do not subscribe to?

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Our usage statistics reports reflect any and all hits on coming from your institution’s IP ranges, regardless of the method of access.

For site licenses, access is always via automatic IP recognition, but for other titles which you do not subscribe to, access could come from users at your institution with personal subscriptions, individual article purchases, or from a promotional free article or issue online.

In most cases the numbers for these extra hits are quite small; if they are large, it may be due to a particular article or journal that has attracted a lot of attention, or it may indicate that there are multiple personal subscriptions at your institution.

If you need to contact us about this please do so by using our Ask a Question facility, using the drop-down menus to ensure that your enquiry goes directly to the member of staff best able to assist you.

We can also be contacted by using the details below relevant to the region in the world in which you are:

UK/ROW: e-mail -, tel - +44 (0)207 843 4759

USA: e-mail -, tel - +1 800 221 2123

Japan, South Korea, China: Contact tel - +81 (0)3 3267 8769
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