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Why are Palgrave titles missing from my Admin Account?

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Palgrave journals' content which was formerly hosted on moved to the SpringerLink platform on June 1st 2016.
All your Palgrave journal subscriptions have been transferred to the Springer platform and you can now manage your institutional account through the Springer Admin Dashboard.
If you had an existing account as an administrator on the Springer platforms then your Palgrave journal subscriptions will have automatically been added to your Springer account and you should login with your existing Springer account credentials.
If you did not previously have a Springer administration account, then a new account was created for you and an email sent to the original contact we had for Palgrave journals with activation instructions.
From the Springer Admin Dashboard you will be able to:

  • Administer one or more organizations
  • View your account details
  • View all packages of content purchased by your organization.
  • Drill down further into the packages and view a list of journals/books that are in each package.
  • Download usage statistics
  • Manage individuals’ association with your organization – associate or dissociate individual users, download a list of active members.
  • You can choose a single image to upload as your organization logo. This will appear at the top of every page throughout the site when users are recognized as part of your organization. It should be a valid file format (JPEG, GIF or PNG) and size (160 x 50 pixels). The maximum file size is 25kb. You can replace your logo at any time.
  • Manage settings such as automatic association of new users

If you have any questions regarding this process or need assistance accessing your Springer administration account, please contact us at
Alternatively you can reach our Online Services team on the following numbers:
Europe/Asia/Africa: +49 6221 345 4303
North & South America: +1 800 777 4643
Hours of operation: Mon-Fri 08:30-17:30 CET + ET

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