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I have been charged a Foreign Purchase Fee

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If you use a debit or credit card to pay for Springer Nature subscriptions (including Nature Publishing Group and Palgrave Macmillan) you may be charged a Foreign Purchase Fee by your bank or card issuer. This is a charge levied by them and not by Springer Nature.

We advise you to contact your bank or card issuer if you have concerns or questions regarding any Foreign Purchase Fee as different countries and banks impose different fee charges depending on the location of the supplier (Springer Nature) and the currency of payment.

We process payments in US Dollars for customers in the Americas, Euros for customers in the Euro-region and GB Pounds for all other locations.

If you are unsure and wish to avoid incurring a Foreign Purchase Fee please submit payment by personal check.

IMPORTANT: For security reasons credit and debit card numbers cannot be accepted via email. Please help us to protect your information by not submitting payment in this manner.



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