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Are there delivery delays to my country?

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This is the latest information we have concerning possible delays to deliveries in regions around the world as of 15th June 2018.

Whilst you will appreciate these issues are outside of our control, we would like to assure you that we are constantly working with our delivery partners in order to ensure your journals reach you as quickly as possible.

However, please do take these potential delays into account before claiming for missing deliveries.


Sri Lanka - We have received reports of strikes since 11th June by postal employees in Colombo which are resulting in delays of up to 14 days for international deliveries.


Brazil - A strike by truck drivers which started on 22nd May and ended on 4th June combined with road blocks and fuel shortages had a significant impact on mail transportation in the country and deliveries were delayed during the strike and for some days after its conclusion.


Iraq -  As a result of a US government embargo on flights into northern Iraq deliveries from the United States will not be possible until the political situation is resolved.

Yemen - Mail services have been suspended from the UK (since March 2015) and now from the United States as well. We do not currently have any information on how long these suspensions may last.

Please note that local holidays can also impact on normal delivery schedules.
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