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How do I update my institution's IP address(es)?

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To update your institution’s IP address(es), log onto your institution’s administrator account:

> Go to:

> Enter your administrative username and password.

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> Once logged in select the tab labelled “IP Ranges”

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> To edit/add an IP range, there are three fields to update; low address, high address, description.

(The description field is used for your labelling purposes and can be anything you want.)

> After entering the high and low addresses and clicking ”Add IP Range” your IP address will appear below the “Your current IP Ranges” section.

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> To edit or delete an existing range click the “Edit” link next to the IP address.

> You now have the option to modify the IP range and click “Confirm” to complete the update or click or “Delete IP Range” to remove it from your account. 

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How to enter an IP address in the LOW ADDRESS and HIGH ADDRESS fields:

Single address (proxy server): e.g. - would be entered with the same address as both the Low end and High end, as follows:


Consecutive range(s) of addresses: e.g. 100.100.100.* - 100.100.111.*

Each * represents a range from 0-255. These two consecutive ranges would be entered as follows:


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