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How do I access my usage reporting?

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All your COUNTER and additional usage reports are available via the MPS Insight portal at

Enter your MPS Insight username and password which will have been emailed to your site license administrator. Please note these login credentials are different to your site license administration account username and password.

MPS Insight Home Page

The first time you login to MPS Insight you will be asked to confirm your account details. This is a mandatory step and will include you needing to choose a new password, as well as creating a security question and answer which will be used to assist if you forget your login details in the future.
Once you have successfully logged in to the MPS Insight website you will be directed to your account home page where you will be able to view your COUNTER reports, the current report status and information on available SUSHI partners.
To view all your COUNTER and additional usage reports, click on ‘Usage Reports’ in the left hand column and then the ‘Static Reports’ link.

Screenshot of MPS Insight Static Report page

You can also access the MPS Insight portal via your Site License Administration Account by selecting the Statistics tab and then selecting the relevant publisher link. Once you are on the MPS Insight website, you should follow the instructions above.
Further information regarding the usage reports which are available on the MPS Insight portal can be found in the Customer Toolkit.
If you encounter any problems with accessing your usage reports, please contact our Customer Service teams using either the Contact Us form* or the phone numbers below:
Customers in the US: 1-888-331-6288
Customers in Canada, Central and South America: 1-212-726-9394
Customers in the UK and Rest of World: +44 (0)20 7418 5535 or +44 (0)20 7843 4759
*Customers for Nature, Nature Research and Nature Reviews titles in Japan, South Korea and China (except Hong Kong and Taiwan) please use the Nature Asia Contact Us form or telephone us on +81-3-3267-8769


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